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Erotic massage is not only physical relaxation, but also mental, during pleasant touch relax muscles and relieve stress. Our massages are definitely not boring, we have a wide range of massages. We have the best natural oils to give a new life to your skin. Hot stones will be especially useful for those suffering from joint disease, neck and spine pain. Hot stone massage helps to recharge the internal batteries to all who are tired of everyday life. For people who like “something extra” we recommend pussycat massage, it is a combination of all massages in one, where the girl is allowed to kiss all over the body and the massage ends in position 69.

For people looking for an intense experience, we recommend nuru massage. It is a Japanese massage technique, during which your entire body is involved, as well as the body of the masseuse. This intimate form of relaxation will bring you an unforgettable experience and lead to nirvana. We guarantee the highest quality of service and professional approach.


  • Location8
  • Masseuses10
  • Service9
  • Interior9
  • Overall Impression10
  • 9.2


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Lípová 16, Praha 2

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