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Erotic massages by Sweet Massage

Sweet Massage is one of the most exclusive and best massage parlors in Prague! Here we shall offer you the best massages, performed by our beautiful and charming ladies. You will be pleased and surprised by the variety of our offered services. If you are searching for a place to have a really good time in the lonely evenings, you are warmly welcomed at our massage parlor, where you’ll get the best services.

Nuru massages

Nuru massages are the most sensitive and highly arousal. This kind of massages is performed with the usage of highly slippery nuru gel, that originates from Japan. The masseuse rubs the gel all around her body to make it moist and slippery. Then she starts to rub herself all around your body, leaving no place unattended. This kind of massage is one of the most favorite and highly recommended at Sweet massage.

Tantric massages

The teaching of tantra originates from India, and our highly experienced masseuses will be glad to present this ritual art to you. Everything is happening on an energetic level without any sexual contact. We shall teach you, how you can have a so called full body orgasm without any contact. Our masseuses will show you, how the sexual energy may heal you and your entire body. This is very intimate and breathtaking massage – a true tantra ritual!

Massages for couples

In case you would like to have a massage with your partner – either boyfriend, or girlfriend, husband or wife, we may offer you massages for couples, that are mostly used by couples who would like to enrich their sexual life and bring a new fire to the flame. They are performed by two masseuses, both partners in the same room, looking at each other. After the massages the couple may be left for a while just to be alone and gift each other with the new found love.

Gay massages

Not only ladies, but also men may be found in our massage parlor Sweet massage. We are taking due care of gay people, so we have the best masseurs with a tender manly touch you’ll love. Gay massage is one of our most demanded services, offered mostly to the locals, but the tourists search for it as well. You’ll love the sweet and tender manly strokes caressing your body and giving the best gay massage experience you will return to.



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Na Bělidle 61/33, Prague 5

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