Lucie Arztin

BDSM is dedicated professionally since 2000. It called me a broad spectrum of industries BDSM. For many years, mainly I specialize in the clinic, but I have a great fondness for latex, PVC and uniforms. You can be sure that it is a practice that adds up to my personal pleasure.
I’m empathetic. Joint meeting of the dialogue for me when I’m driving the whole situation and listen to the needs of your mind and your body. I am your guide, your Mistress. You can rely on my experience lay with the game and throw off from reality.
I can not clearly say what I prefer. Excite me your reaction. Originality pleases me your imagination.
I am not concerned with traditional sexual services. I do not use permanent health threatening methods. I do not provide scat.
I like to be with you all by dealing in e-mail or personally in consultation before the lesson.
Most of my meetings are a regular clients, it does not mean that I would dedicate inexperienced. But I prefer those who have a clear idea of ​​what they like. I accept women, men and couples.


Open hours

To reach me is from 8.00 to 20.00, except Saturdays. It may happen that I do not accept the call, then please send an email, I will answer.
Order is possible the day before or the morning to the afternoon of the same day. His visit me 2 hours in advance to confirm the email.
If the phone is turned off, I´m resting.

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