Category: Eat

Tapas Bar Miró

Excellent spanish TAPAS , must visit !

Tankovna Karlín

Karlin tank room is a modern and stylish restaurant founded for beer enthusiasts and admirers of honest Czech cuisine !


Eska is a restaurant with a bakery that combines the old and the new. We change seemingly common ingredients beyond recognition....

Zelená zahrada

The Green garden is a restaurant and coctail bar, that will captive you by with its friendly atmosphere. It’s a place where you can...

Spa BeerLand

Renowned primarily for its historical sites, Prague is now a highly popular destination for beer, specifically the very first SPA BEER...

Buddha Café

Great Asian food , prepared by famous Star Chef Sofia Smith.

MANÚ Risto & Lounge

Great Italian and Seafood by Emanuel Ridi . Walk-Ins Welcome,Waiter Service and Outdoor Seating.

Jam and Co.

A brand new ASIAN FUSION restaurant , on the famous and posh Krymská street . Great food for resonable prices.

Field restaurant

  In the Field we are not afraid of letting things take their course. In the stubborn cooking of Chef Radek Kašpárek, under the...

Le Burger

Bacon Burger Classic , Mexican Burgers, Apple Burgers, Blue Burgers and much more .