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Cruises provide the ultimate playground for many lifestyles. agency takes the best of all worlds and helps you create...

Sabinovka Club

A strange so-called swingers club, porn cinema and glory hole . Heteros , gays and lesbian welcomed. Entrance fee CZK 150.

Swingers Club Euphoria

Website is not working , very bad Google Reviews , we dont recommend this one ..

Swingers Club Zámeček (CLOSED)

The Club was located in a quiet Prague district – the Horni Pocernice. Closed now.

Cassiopeia Swingers Club (CLOSED)

Little amateur swingers club Cassiopeia, originated in September 2004. Closed now.

Swingers Club Prague (CLOSED)

A small swingers club in Prague 5 , closed now.

Tantra Club (CLOSED)

Swinger club with unique Tantric concepts is inviting couples and singles (single men and women accepted) to learn, experience and enjoy...

Swingers Club Ready (CLOSED)

Permanently closed…