Category: Brothels


Located in Nusle . Sauna , Whirlpool and more . More then twenty girls every night for your pleasure. 

Club 600 (CLOSED)

Cosy club offering all the fun of the fair from three in the afternoon to the very early hours of the morning. Always a good number of...

Night Club No.1

Ex Extasy club , newly opened …no website

Red House

Redhouse is a night club near Brno exhibition centre and 50m far away from the Voronez hotel.

Pension and strip bar 69

A small brothel and strip club in Ostrava.

Sexy Společnice

Brothel at the suburbs , Prague 9 , nothing much …

Night club 88 (Pilsen)

The  brothel on the Pilsen suburbs .

Monika Fastidiosa

I´ am a woman of two different faces, at work uptight manager then … classy whore. Attractive, slim sexy blonde girl, 36 years old,...

Sexy šelmičky Privat

A small brothel and privat with 10 girls.

Amsterdam Cabaret

A small club ,  no web site …..