Nuru massage – what is all about ?

Nuru massage is unforgettable erotic massage with nuru gel which was imported from far away exotic countries and it is made from seaweed.

Nuru massage is heavenly pleasure with angel. Your masseuse will spread heated nuru gel on her body like a goddess. Her hand slides down to buttock. She slides on your body. Body to body. Till you have an orgasm.

Nuru massage is great experience after which you will fly in heaven.

You can touch all erogenous zones. You will have incredible delight feelings. Your body will fuse with your dreams.

Where to try ?


2 thoughts on “Nuru massage – what is all about ?

  1. Míša

    This kind of massage is a really unique experience. At first i thought I wouldn’t like the feel of the gel, but it was fine. My favorite is still tantra but I would love to try good nuru massage every now and then. By the way I went to this place and it was really awesome:

  2. Lenka

    I like it!I like it a lot, we spoke about it with my fried and we realy like to try it and learn it, but first of all we get discount from my family for massage for two couples and I will like to try it, hope we both enjoy it! there is it thanks for article


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